Would You Rather

Find out that your entire floor at work has been converted to a daycare for babies OR pets?

Ashleigh’s Hot Air

The question arises again… who would you rather watch having sex? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams OR Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

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Giuliana and Bill

After watching the premiere and giving the show a shot, Tim had some choice words for G&B.

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Ann BensonOff Their Rockers / NBC. How much of a prankster is Ann in real life?







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Parris PattonNo Room For Rockstars / Director. How was traveling with Warped Tour for 6 months? What did he see that the normal concert goer wouldn’t realize?








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Not In My America

Sean Green puts Tim and Ashleigh in their place for contributing to the so-called-by-Sean scam, the Lotto.

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